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Mistakes Social Media Managers Make - William Schantz

Mistakes Social Media Managers Make – William Schantz

Seemingly, social media management might seem easy. You are only expected to get in touch with customers using the right touchpoints. But understand that social media can be very brutal. If you make a mistake, it can cost you a lot. In this guide, William Schantz takes you through a few of the worst mistakes that social media managers can make, which can turn out to be detrimental to them and the company.

Social Media Management Mistakes by William Schantz

Here are a few top mistakes social media managers should avoid.

1.     Not Engaging the Audience

The audience gets messages from many different brands. The idea is to get fully engaged in the best way possible. There is no one best technique that they have to follow, but rather they have to work towards understanding the needs of the target audience so that they can come up with content that resonates with them. If a social media manager is unable to target the audience effectively, then that means they are preparing themselves for problems.

2.     Not Creating a Content Calendar

Being organized with what you wish to post is extremely important. As a social media manager, you must understand that your posts must be scheduled well. You have to follow a properly made content calendar in line with the goals that you have in mind for what you wish to achieve. William Schantz says that a social media manager should also know the best time to post. That way, the chances of engaging the audience well are also much higher.

3.     Not Asking for Feedback

Customers should always be made to ask about how they feel and what their valued opinion on things is. For this reason, they should always be asked for feedback. It is the job of the social media manager to always ask customers about how they feel or whether or not they liked a certain campaign. When they do that, they make customers feel like a valued part of the journey, which is crucial to helping the brand grow exponentially.

4.     Not Monitoring Results

You will only know how well your social media campaign is doing when you carefully monitor the results. Use different analytical tools to understand how many customers you have reached. William Schantz says that when you try to maximize the reach as much as possible, it helps you understand how well you are doing, which also helps you form a strategy for the future.

5.     Not Doing Your Research

Everyone in the industry is working hard to get a greater market share. As a social media manager, you must understand that learning from the competition is crucial. When you research and try to understand what others are telling you, things will naturally unfold in a much better way. As a social media manager, this learning will go a long way.

Final Words by William Schantz

With these social media management mistakes, as pointed out by William Schantz, you will definitely be able to do justice to your job as a social media manager.

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