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Myths About Freelancing Debunked - William Schantz

Myths About Freelancing Debunked – William Schantz

With freelancing becoming a very popular option to earn for most, there are also a huge number of growing misconceptions about it. If you wish to step foot into this, it is imperative that you first understand what is required of you and what this is all about to do justice to it. In this guide, William Schantz takes you through a few myths about freelancing.

Misconceptions about Freelancing by William Schantz

Here are a few misconceptions about freelancing that you must clear out before stepping foot into this.

1.     Freelancing is Less Stressful than Other Work

Many believe that as a freelancer, you aren’t as stressed as you would otherwise be if you had a full-time job. This is not true. Depending on what your clients are like and their demands, you will know whether or not freelancing is stressful. If you have work that you have to deliver in a very short time, then this can be very stressful.

2.     There is No Job Security

Your earnings depend on the amount of work you do and the clients that you have. But also realize that when you work for someone full-time, getting laid off leads to losing your entire source of income. With freelancing, there is a lot more that you can do by pitching your work to clients and getting things done the way that you want. So job security is relative, and it comes with the way that you choose to take things forth.

3.     You Don’t Have a Boss

While you don’t have someone watching every move you make or micromanaging at a very narrow level, you do have clients. Clients can be very tricky to handle – especially those with specific requirements who know exactly what they want. So you have to work towards delivering what you have committed to. William Schantz says you also need to manage your time much more effectively as a freelancer.

4.     You Can Work Whenever You Want

While it is true that you have a lot more freedom in terms of how you want to work and the hours you choose, it is also true that you might have clients who expect you to work for them at very tight deadlines. You can choose your work routine based on your way of working, but you also have to bear in mind what clients want from you and how they expect you to help them get done with that.

5.     You Can Work Only on Projects You Like

Once you have established yourself and have a specific set of clients, you cannot expect to work on projects you like only. William Schantz says that you have to deliver when your client gives you something they need to get done, and they can only rely on you for it. Your success as a freelancer depends on it.

Final Words by William Schantz

With these myths about freelancing debunked by William Schantz, you can definitely do justice to your work as a freelancer, which will help you earn even after you retire.

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