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Single and Pregnant! Bill Schantz Tips for Survival

Being a single parent is not easy at all; there are a lot of responsibilities and physical and emotional hurdles that you have to face alone. But this becomes even tougher for single moms, who have to survive their pregnancy alone. Pregnancy is a time in a woman’s life when they are at their most vulnerable stage, and surviving pregnancy alone is nothing less than a challenge.

Nonetheless, Bill Schantz believes women are the strongest among all humans; the act of bearing a child in their body alone is a big thing to do. This is why If you think you are single and pregnant and can’t do it alone, you might need to find a little more strength in yourself. Dealign with pregnancy without a partner might seem impossible, but if you genuinely believe in yourself, you can pull it off easily.

Just because your child’s father is not in the picture anymore doesn’t mean you can’t your pregnancy like a boss. Hence, today we are sharing four survival tips that can help pregnant moms live through their pregnancy months without a partner.


Bill Schantz: Pregnancy Tips for Single Moms

1. Believe that Nothings Missing

The absence of a partner, especially during pregnancy, is not easy to ignore, but you will only feel weaker if you keep missing them and their presence. No matter how lonely you feel at times, push yourself to believe you are not alone. Stop dwelling on the thought of having to service this alone and instead believe in yourself and your strength. As someone who is growing a child in her body, you’re not physically weak; you just have to be mentally strong as well.

2. Don’t Shy Away from Asking for Help.

That being said, we know dealing with pregnancy alone is not easy, but your partner is not the only support you can get. Don’t shy away from asking for help in the struggle to make yourself strong. You cannot spend nine long months without any help. Hence, Bill Schantz suggests if need be, don’t hesitate in restarting to your friends and family’s support. Trust in the genuine people in your life; your child’s grandparents and friends only wish the best for you and your baby and will not hesitate to help you.

3. Join Relatable Support Groups

Regular pregnancy support groups might not work out for you. Watching other women with their partners might disturb you emotionally and make you feel your partner’s absence more. Hence, try finding support where you can meet other single moms. According to Bill Schantz, this will help you share your problems and learn from their experiences as well, which will eventually make you feel strong and capable in your own skin.

4. Get Rid of “Mom Guilt”

Most often than not, women suffer emotionally due to the “mom guilt” they feel after doing something for themselves. You need to get rid of it if you want the best for yourself and your baby. As a single pregnant mom, you are already doing so much; there is no harm in taking a break for yourself or giving yourself time. After all, you can’t be a good parent if you are not happy, especially for pregnant moms, because their emotions directly impact their baby’s health.


Bill Schantz: Tips for Single and Pregnant Moms

Surviving pregnancy alone is definitely difficult, but you will never feel your partner’s absence if you believe in yourself and have a supporting family. Many women regret their pregnancy or try to end it if their partners decide to walk out, but Bill Schantz always reminds women that they are much stronger than this and they can survive this for themselves and their baby.

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