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William Schantz Lists The Ways To Rebrand A Product

William Schantz Lists The Ways To Rebrand A Product

A brand is more than just a trademark and other visual elements like fonts, colors, and pictures. It represents your company’s brand. That includes the way you present yourself. As per William Schantz, inform your audience, the corporate culture, and client service of your objectives and mission. Even the quality of your goods or services and how you respond to client questions or concerns are included.

Here William Schantz lists how to rebrand a product or business. So keep reading below.

Ways To Rebrand A Product: According To William Schantz

A new vision and alignment with your brand in mind should be your priority when considering a rebrand. It must not only continue to satisfy the requirements and desires of your existing customers but also reassure potential customers that they won’t regret choosing you.

Selecting A Rebranding Strategy: As per William Schantz

In case a brand is well-known. Perhaps a brand update will then be sufficient to increase its reach. This strategy exploits one of your preferences to maintain customer loyalty. Google’s logo serves as an illustration and has altered in history, yet they always use the same four colors in it.

Modify your mission, beliefs, stance, service, and audience if you want to revamp your brand and establish a new identity completely. In order to modify the customer’s perception while maintaining the same goods and services, you must first establish your brand.

Examine The Values, Goals, And Mission Of Your Brand

Reconsider the answers to the following questions with your teammates:

  1. Why are we rebranding?
  2. What are we going to do?
  3. How are we going to execute the plan? 

Do A Market Analysis

Identify your target audience once more to ensure that your fresh brand’s identity resonates with them. Check the age group, gender, region, profession, financial situation, likes, activities, education level, and personal and professional connections.

Look into the market to see if there are any patterns that your brand can adopt. Pay close attention to web forums and figure out what interests your target market. As per William Schantz, you will learn a lot regarding how to move on from this.

What Is Your USP?

According to William Schantz, your unique selling point must be determined on some merits, like what you accomplish well, what buyers want, and why your rivals thrive. These are two ways to distinguish yourself:

  • Acknowledge all of your qualities and advantages.
  • Describe the emotional demands of the brand from the perspective of your customers. Determine the features of your product or service that can’t be replicated.

Upgrade Your Brand With A Story

Changes to your logo, typography, artwork, and color scheme are all part of the rebranding. Before selecting a shade for your company, make sure to research the significance of each color. Every single brand has a history. According to William Schantz, it facilitates an emotional connection between your brand and the audience. It’s the one aspect of the human condition that offers your brand an advantage. So make sure to use this along with all other techniques mentioned here.

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