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Post Retirement Hobbies

William Schantz – Types of Hobbies to Acquire after Retirement

After retirement having nothing to do can lead to severe depression. Having a task to complete is constantly a smart option; wasting time by doing nothing is never really a good idea. Maintaining a busy schedule not only enables you to remain productive but also enables you to develop skills and abilities that will ultimately benefit you greatly in life.

Here William Schantz lists the types of hobbies one can acquire after retirement to maintain a busy schedule and not spiral into depression.

7 Hobbies to Acquire As A Retiree By William Schantz


Reading is an extremely beneficial activity that may teach you a lot about the world around you. It moreover aids in the development of solid verbal abilities. According to William Schantz, choose any literature you prefer and start to read it during any hour of the day, based on your preferences, so you are able to focus.


A fantastic method for expressing oneself is through writing. It is indeed a fantastic method to concentrate your efforts in the proper places. Unleash your imagination by writing whatever it is that you enjoy writing—poems, stories, opinion columns, blogs—or anything else that allows you to convey your views.

Discovering Environment

Take a stroll across the neighborhood or get up early to witness the stunning dawn. According to William Schantz, taking in the stunning scenery of the environment enables you to find mental calm, release tension, and become more active.

Take Music Lessons

Taking up an instrument, whether it be a guitar, piano, cello, or something else, seems to be a terrific method for keeping yourself active and acquiring new abilities if you enjoy creating music.


Cooking is another excellent option if you enjoy spending time in the kitchen. There are a number of recipes available online. Find anything fun to do, then prepare a delicious dinner for you and your family.

Engaging in a Sport

This is essential to keep moving if you want to stay healthy. Try any sport you want, whether it’s swimming, tennis, volleyball, or any other sport. Enjoy your time, and take note of how it makes you feel better. William Schantz believes that the key to achieving calm after retirement is to lead a busy lifestyle.


The effective approach to harnessing your imagination is through drawing. Regardless of whether you’re artistic, you may communicate yourself via color. Begin with a white canvas and utilize anything as motivation. When you witness your creation eventually come to life, you’ll gradually begin to love it and recognize how pleased it feels to you. Most people, after retirement, use this hobby to stay busy because it is both therapeutic and does not require much exertion.

Conclusion by William Schantz

After retirement, you may maximize your free time following William Schantz’s suggestions for valuable hobbies. It’s always wise to direct creative energy in the proper direction. One has to decide to steer in a direction, so they do not miss the busy job life one had before retirement.

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