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Disadvantages of Early Retirement

William Schantz – Why Should One Not Retire Early?

Many individuals dream of retiring early, but given the state of the world’s economy, it does seem improbable that this will be the case for everyone. Some people, however, are fortunate enough to have saved enough money for retirement to be capable of retiring early, enabling them to give attention to other areas of their lives.

Before making a decision, William Schantz advises going through the drawbacks of taking an early retirement below. 

William Schantz – Why Is an Early Retirement Harmful?

Mental Health Decline

Since your profession gives your life significance and direction, taking an early retirement can be detrimental to your mental health. Without that, life can become routine and boring, increasing the likelihood of physical and mental health issues, including cognitive impairment. William Schantz advises people to consider their early retirement plans, particularly if they don’t have a busy social life.

Studies have shown that retirees have a higher risk of becoming unwell. Stroke progression from sadness, stress, and despair is simple. A study found that strokes and heart disease are more common among people who have recently retired from work.

Additionally, the health issues developed over time decrease because people with meaningful relationships become less prone to experience mental health issues. Furthermore, you might have spent the entire day moving about and on your toes at your former employment. You can get negative consequences from early withdrawal if that is rapidly taken away.

Retirement Funds Will Need to Last Longer

Older people who retire at 65 or later will require their retirement money for a shorter period than those who retire at age 45. If both individuals survive to age 85, the former’s savings must last for 20 years, while the latter’s must last for 40 years. As a result, those who are thinking about taking early retirement must have sufficient money saved up to survive for the first half of their lives. Retirement income makes it hard to pay 401(k) contributions, which reduces the amount of money you have available. Similar to how living costs increase with time, they are difficult to anticipate because they depend on uncontrollable factors.

How To Start Saving For Retirement?

Relying solely on social security is the worst retirement strategy; people should realize that social security is only a bonus for retiring and is not sufficient to see them through old age. Making good choices is essential to guaranteeing that you will have enough money in your bank account to last till your death.

The fundamental components of a successful retirement path include regular contributions and capital allocation, which refers to splitting the investment portfolio among several asset classes, including commodities, shares, and funds.


The reality is that unless you’ve saved a lot of money, retiring early is really challenging. Additionally, it implies that you won’t be able to rely on a steady stream of disposable cash to meet your requirements and desires for many years to come. William Schantz advises people to carefully weigh these advantages and disadvantages before making a choice that fundamentally alters their lives.

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